About Us

AHS Caribbean

American High School Caribbean (AHSC) is designed for students looking for freedom and focus while working in a self-paced learning environment that would otherwise be difficult if enrolled in a full-time middle/high school program. AHSC offers a variety of programs, from individual courses and adult diplomas to NCAA Student-Athlete and Dual Credit diploma programs, as valuable options. The resulting qualifications in each case are student graduates who qualify to attend any college locally or in the United States.

Our Program

  • Recognized by Cognia, NCA CASI, SAC CASI, and AI accreditation.
  • NCAA-approved student-athlete course programs.
  • We are offering a Dual Credit diploma recognized by the state of Florida and US colleges.

Programs offered (Online)

  • Adult Diploma program for those needing a second chance.
  • Dual Diploma where students can earn a Florida diploma.
  • NCAA courses for student-athletes trying to qualify for US Colleges.
  • Credit Recovery for students who have fallen behind.
  • BGCSE and BJC Test preparation.
  • ART (Ask Real Teachers) is an On-demand teacher assistance program.

Why Choose American High School Caribbean

With so many schools to choose from, getting your education online may seem like a harrowing process. Your concern about the cost of tuition and the length of a degree program stress you. But what if you completed your education only to learn that your degree is worthless? Checking a school’s accreditation is the most important step to choosing the best online high school for you. There is no such national Board of Education that accredits schools or universities. But the U.S. Department of Education oversees all accrediting bodies. So this is a good place to look when checking a school’s credentials. Check the status of American High School there for more information.

American High School Caribbean

AHSC is a private school that delivers accredited, affordable online education powered by American High School. This education is college preparatory and career-based. This is made for Grades 6-12 students throughout the U.S. and Internationally. Students receive both core curriculum and career-based online courses. The courses are in the areas of Healthcare, Game design, Criminal Justice, and Information Technology.

Earn A Diploma

You are graduating student earning a fully accredited High School Diploma. Parents and students may choose one or more grade levels. The choice is according to the previous credits earned from an earlier high school or home school. Click on the “Courses” link to see a sample of courses. Please, note that this is only a sample. The academic programs will be developed for your specific needs after your advisor evaluation.

Graduating Criteria

In order to graduate, students must demonstrate the successful completion of twenty four (24) courses that equal twenty four (24) credits. This may be a combination of credits earned from a previous high school and at AHSC. A final exit exam is not required. Once all academic and financial requirements have been completed, the student will get their fully accredited high school diploma. The diploma will be delivered by postal courier.

Accreditations and Certifications