Dreams of Playing Sports

Many student-athletes dreams of playing for NCAA Division I or II programs, but managing the hours needed for training around a class schedule can be difficult. Luckily, with American High School Caribbean (AHSC), you can study online when your scheduled training time provides. And better yet, AHSC has many courses that have received approval for NCAA eligibility, giving our student-athletes a chance to pursue their collegiate dreams.

AHSC has earned the status as one of the top online schools that offers an A-Rated curriculum for student-athletes. Our newly minted partnership with TUFF Training and many other professional trainers will allow us to extend our brand through state-of-the-art training facilities dedicated to total athlete development and innovation.

Our program is developed and managed by a team of professional coaches, former athletes, and certified trainers. And it is this combination of expert teachers, counselors, trainers, and state-of-the-art facilities that have produced many of the top college and professional athletes today.


Our specialized programs allow our student-athletes to maximize their athletic potential through advanced training with some of the top trainers in the region. Zack Rehman has created a training program that develops strength, speed, flexibility, and injury prevention while helping to enhance sports vision and sports nutrition. Zack has found that by building on the core principles, the athlete develops greater confidence, focus, and more.


Studying online with American High School Caribbean gives student-athletes the flexibility they need to succeed both in the classroom and on the field. Study between training sessions, anytime, anywhere.

Student-Athletes who are being homeschooled and playing for a local school in a team or individual sport or those student-athletes who are pursuing athletic competition in a variety of fields, including preparing for competitions, will want their coursework in their online high school approved by the NCAA to meet academic eligibility requirements for scholarships and participation.

American High School Caribbean also gives you.

  • A nationally and regionally accredited curriculum.
  • Online, self-paced courses
  • Exceptional faculty support
  • To enroll,student-athletes must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.